Carpe Diem

Are you Living only for Today or Living Today to ensure a Future?

At the start of the year the familiar battle between what matters now and what’s to come seems heightened as many of us try to make good on our new year’s resolutions. The appeal of buying now, eating now, drinking now, sitting now and many more weigh heavily on our renewed intentions. Isn’t it the way we’re meant to live our lives … Continue reading “Carpe Diem”

Searching for Happiness in 2017? Focus what you enjoy rather than the pursuit of happiness itself

Many people leaped into the new year with newly found enthusiasm for the catch-all ambition of being ‘happier’ in 2017, and having happy kids even trumps our other wishes for kids. A very worthwhile quest by the sound of it, however, the paradox of happiness (or better known as the hedonistic paradox) suggests that constantly looking for happiness might not maximize our long term happiness … Continue reading “Searching for Happiness in 2017? Focus what you enjoy rather than the pursuit of happiness itself”

The why? of work

In this heleo conversation Barry Swartz shares an important lesson he learned the hard way about the importance of grades at college and what happens in the absence of grade variation. In effect, and unfortunately, grades have become the ‘why’ of learning.

The moral risk with traditional incentive structures is that inevitably people find ways to meet the incentives without fully doing the work required.This idea was well captured by Steven Kerr in his updated 1995 paper Continue reading “The why? of work”

Purpose as a motivator

In a rational world people should perform equally under a uniform incentive structure irrespective of whether there is specific meaning or purpose to their work or not.

As far back as 2007 Adam Grant experimented with call center employees to establish that adding purpose to a task drives better performance. The research question was Continue reading “Purpose as a motivator”