Good in concept, bad in practice

Why knowledge, by itself, is not very effective for behavior change

A picture says a thousand words. This is the often referred to example of why knowledge, by itself, is not very effective in behavior change. Evidence of the devastating impact of smoking on nurses is captured by the team at UCLA in the well known Nurses Health study. There are many other great insights on why education (knowledge) in isolation is not effective in facilitating behavior change. It’s a pristine lesson in (ir)rationality. Continue reading “Good in concept, bad in practice”

Half the picture?

The problem with survey data is that it often times focus on a specific issue in absence of the full picture. I recently revisited Aon’s 2016 retirement and investment survey, summarized well in this infographic, stating Expanding financial well-being is the top employer initiative for 2016.  Continue reading “Half the picture?”