Carpe Diem

Are you Living only for Today or Living Today to ensure a Future?

At the start of the year the familiar battle between what matters now and what’s to come seems heightened as many of us try to make good on our new year’s resolutions. The appeal of buying now, eating now, drinking now, sitting now and many more weigh heavily on our renewed intentions. Isn’t it the way we’re meant to live our lives … Continue reading “Carpe Diem”

Obesity: Impact of Hours Worked

Would obesity be associated with the number of hours worked?

From the Foresight Report: Tackling Obesities: Future Choices – Project Report. Working patterns and practices have been shown to influence patterns of food consumption. For example, the availability and value of non-labour time has been linked to changes in consumption and obesity. The figure illustrates this relationship by comparing average hours worked and the prevalence of obesity.

Healthy Aging: Loneliness and Social Isolation as Risk Factors for Mortality

Overall, the influence of both objective and subjective social isolation on risk for mortality is comparable with well-established risk factors for mortality

“Social relationships, or the relative lack thereof, constitute a major risk factor for health—rivaling the effect of well established health risk factors such as cigarette smoking, blood pressure, blood lipids, obesity and physical activity”

—House, Landis, and Umberson; Science 1988  Continue reading “Healthy Aging: Loneliness and Social Isolation as Risk Factors for Mortality”

Who is counting, and how to count?

Are we wasting billions of dollars that should be devoted to improving the nation’s health?

It is distressing to see the disproportionate focus employers have on the cost of initiatives to create healthy and engaging workplaces relative to the amount of money channeled into traditional health care. The disparity in spending is startling, but, as a great allegory shared in the 1980s in actuarial circles well captured: Continue reading “Who is counting, and how to count?”

Standing Desks – here to rescue us from ‘Sitting is the new Smoking’?

Standing desks, like most health technologies, should come with an engagement plan … else it might become an expensive ‘nice to have’

Although the science on the implications of endless sitting is sound, and even somewhat exaggerated in popular press, does that mean that having standing desks present the cure to sitting and being sedentary in office environments? Continue reading “Standing Desks – here to rescue us from ‘Sitting is the new Smoking’?”

Searching for Happiness in 2017? Focus what you enjoy rather than the pursuit of happiness itself

Many people leaped into the new year with newly found enthusiasm for the catch-all ambition of being ‘happier’ in 2017, and having happy kids even trumps our other wishes for kids. A very worthwhile quest by the sound of it, however, the paradox of happiness (or better known as the hedonistic paradox) suggests that constantly looking for happiness might not maximize our long term happiness … Continue reading “Searching for Happiness in 2017? Focus what you enjoy rather than the pursuit of happiness itself”